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Commercial LPG

BBN provides a complete energy solution for all industries using Boilers, Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens & Power Generation.

The Best Alternate to Natural Gas

BBN LPG serves as the best alternate to natural gas during its acute shortages to the industry. Completely replaceable in the event of any shutdown in natural gas supply. Quick to install with any large pipeline system where natural gas is yet to reach. It does not require any change in pipeline sizing or material. It provides convenience for users to switch over from Natural Gas to BBN LPG Gas without modifying appliances or burners.


Wadding machine applications in textile industries, Kilns Furnaces in steel , metal and ceramics industries, Steam generation through Boilers, Metal cutting applications in ship breaking, steel and fabrication department, Heat Treatment for Fabrication and steel industries, Powder coating and paint drying for appliances and metallic structure, Water heating, Fork Lifters, LPG Generator.


Fast combustion as compared to other fuels. A strong logistic network assures uninterruptible supply to its customers. A constant pressure during application. Reduction in machinery maintenance cost using LPG. A much higher efficiency than other fuels. A green fuel as compared to other alternative fuels.

Safety Standards

BBN is focused on safety in every aspect to its business. Site layout development complies with HSG 34/NFPA 58 standards. Sizing of distribution lines complies with NFPA 54. A complete periodic internal & external examination of Tanks and Pipelines. Integrity of Valves for further services. Installation of an adequate number of fire extinguishers at strategic points.

Comparison of Heat Values of Fuels