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Training Programme Accreditation
Individual companies and training providers are invited to have their training programmes accredited for compliance with the SIGTTO LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards.
Gas conversion requires homework
The BBN has advised vehicles owner to do their homework before converting their vehicles to LPG fuel despite the $2000 conversion rebate announced by the Federal Government.
New Web Site Launched
Welcome to the BBN Energy website. Here you will find a wealth of information on LPG products and services - from service and support information, through to installation and approval ...
Government announces LPG grants.
The government of Pakistan is offerring motorists up to 2,000 dollars (US 1,530) to convert their cars to run on liquid petroleum gas, as spiralling global oil prices cause the costs of petrol to soar.
Tackling Climate Change Summit
A Tackling Climate Change Summit was held on Wednesday Aug 9, 2006 as a focus point in devising a groundbreaking Greenhouse Strategy for Pakisatan.
Import LPG
IMported LPG available at Taftan Boarder from NLC
Newest News
Cricket Chempionship
Tomorrow, cricket chempionship is going start in india.
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The Organization

Established:                  2003
Location Head office:  140- Main Industrial Area, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial  Estate,Lahore 54770
Location Plant:              7- Km. Asil Road, Raiwind, District Lahore.
Activites:                        Storage and Marketing of LPG Gas
Equipment:                     Transport Bowzers 22 M.Tons each Pumping equipment

The objects for which the Company has been established is to do :-

Business of procurement of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and provide facilities for the storage, filling, marketing, handling, transportation and sale of LPG.”

“Act as representatives, for any person, firm or company and to undertake and perform sub-contracts, and also act in the business of the company through or by means of agents, sub-contractors and to do all or any of the things related to the LPG trade.”

We offer our services and hospitality to other LPG companies as well. BBN can fill cylinders at your behalf.

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